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How can we calculate the conversion from Facebook ?

George Will:
Go to your Ads Manager.
Select Campaigns, Ad sets or Ads, depending on what you want to measure.
Select the Columns drop-down menu.
Select Customize columns and select the boxes next to the actions that matter to you.
Click Apply and you'll see these columns in the table.

this article will help to understand in better

First, establish what you identify as a conversion (goal) for the post/ad. Filling out a form? Signing up for emails? Clicking to your website? Purchasing?

After establishing the conversion, set up the FB pixel. Facebook provides easy instructions to installing it. The pixel pulls data from your website and links it to your Facebook Ad.

The actual equation is: Conversion ÷ Total Traffic = Conversion Rate

The total traffic metric can change depending on what you’ve chosen as a conversion, e.g. Purchasing / Website Traffic, Website Click / Ad Reach.


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Thanks for this, much helpful!!!


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