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Title: Facebook Group Sharing
Post by: Harikrishna Patel on 07-31-2015, 04:43:54
We all know that facebook is best platform to promote our business or product brand but is post sharing in various group is beneficial or not? i share many post in group but not get much traffic as i thought. If any trick to get traffic from group please share. Any suggestion will be appreciated.
Title: Re: Facebook Group Sharing
Post by: dexterousweb on 08-08-2015, 01:01:29
Share unique post in related groups, share a trendy post to attract the users, do facebook contest to create interest among the users
Title: Re: Facebook Group Sharing
Post by: WebOutGateway on 08-09-2015, 21:41:42
Hi Harikrishna Patel! :)

Are those groups related to the niche of your business? Do they have the same interest in the products or services that you offer? Always remember that when choosing a Facebook groups, you should analyze the people in the group. Research is the key for that. :) One more thing, you should post a compelling, informative and helpful content to the group (with the same interest as yours). Let them find something interesting in your post. Read your content carefully and ask this in yourself... "If I'm the Facebook user, am I going to be interested with this post content? Am I going to click his/her website? Is this informative?"

Hope it helps and good luck! :)
Title: Re: Facebook Group Sharing
Post by: cwvps on 08-12-2015, 06:46:38
The last advice summarizes it well. People in the group need to see that you're involved and that you care about helping them. If you engage in discussions, ask questions and help when the help is needed, people will eventually start following you to your page. Don't ever just drop some content. Explain, help, participate and contribute.
Title: Re: Facebook Group Sharing
Post by: sonth321 on 04-19-2016, 08:21:57
Not easy to explain it, I think you should join some course for understanding more.
It's not simple to understand it, you need more time and experience to know it clearly.
Title: Re: Facebook Group Sharing
Post by: MaryGreen on 04-28-2016, 03:35:27
Hello, I agree with you too! But of course, you can be a member of a lot of forums and blog!I think that everything will be great, but I think that FB can help you more!