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Last week i made a group on facebook in connection with my website niche it has only 30-40 members as i havnt realy tried to gain as many members as i need yet. I plan on it being a bit of a future advertising oppotunity mabye for those dull days when traffic is not to good, but what i realy want to know is.... has any of you guys used such methods of advertising through FaceBook,and if so how well did it work out if it did atall.

I have only recently began promoting my website through facebook, but am already encouraged by the results. I have set up the wall posts to tweet automatically and this is leading to a lot of cross platform exposure. I think Facebook is definitely an option to explore for any webmaster as it opens you up to a tremendous number of potential users.

I have had mixed success with promoting my websites through Facebook, I think it is common most people brush off the link and don't click through it you know?  I post several of my quality links and maybe have only gotten a dozen hits or so.

I like creating facebook groups, you can create one based on a liked and popular TV show or media is rare but sometimes these groups get extremely popular and you can get some traffic

Facebook groups are good only if you have >5000 members. Because if you have 5000< members you can't send private messages anymore...


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