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Title: Facebook likes
Post by: sindhu on 06-06-2017, 00:36:41
How to get more organic likes in Facebook?
Title: Re: Facebook likes
Post by: Intuz on 06-06-2017, 00:41:39
There are many ways you can make your post interesting for others to get more likes and traffic. For this, first you make sure that the people who followed you or like your page are from your niche business or interested in your post. Irrelevant post to irrelevant people won’t work.
Use images as a regular part of your content strategy. Images get more impressions and likes than links.
Use Facebook page like plugin to all your blog posts and on your website.
Engage with other pages in your niche. Thoughtful comment can help you to engage with people.
Promote your page on your other social media accounts.

Title: Re: Facebook likes
Post by: Dewlance on 06-06-2017, 03:03:13
Subscribe to some most popular pages, They will post something different which you will like.

Copy their style and make your own images which can be full of humor and you will receive lots of like and some of even like your page and it can become popular and you can also promote your contents.
Title: Re: Facebook likes
Post by: jannatul18 on 06-08-2017, 04:13:31
Title: Re: Facebook likes
Post by: saarah21 on 06-15-2017, 00:44:04
Keeping content fresh and updated.

Encouraging discussion and fan interaction.

Not bombarding followers with links, slogans, and one-way promotion.

Providing incentives such as competitions, rewards, and discounts with your brand.

Being convinced and responding to fans feedback/ questions.

Facebook apps are another example of Facebook marketing potential. By designing an app that agrees with your company awareness you can provide a substantial promotion.