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Facebook Promotion Will Help My Business Really?

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Dear Friends,

I want to know how facebook promotion will help to improve my business. If i invest $100 for promote m page on Facebook, how many likes and followers i will get?


I think it's best to try this yourself.
An investment of $ 100 is not that much. And after a few days you can already see if this works.

If people don't leave the website right away, you already know more than a week ago.

I personally thought it was too expensive. I prefer to advertise with Google.


According to my experience and knowledge Facebook promotion is only helpful in case of Fashion Niche and in Technology Niche it is not too much effective

Yes, Facebook promotion will be helpful but it is completely depended on target audience. However, you can achieve minimum of 5000 likes and 500+ followers by promoting your page on Facebook through paid advertising. Considering the facts, it is always wise to invest based on the niche.

Definitely, Facebook promotion is the best way to promote your business however for doing this, first you have to know about facebook promotion. the best way to know about, you should attempt Facebook blueprint course.


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