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Title: Fake Like on Facebook
Post by: nadim123 on 05-22-2013, 10:27:36
I am heard that it is possible to generate fake like on facebook, ;) so if any one have knowledge about it please share with us.
It is appreciable if you describe the step to do this. !-!
Title: Re: Fake Like on Facebook
Post by: aaron_davis on 06-07-2013, 07:08:19
Now a day so many tools and paid services available to make fake likes and increase the traffic of sites.I don't know to any steps to make fake likes but its quite easy using tool.But using any tool or paid service make sure its safe in teams of data protection,facebook is easy to hаck by using the tool.
Title: Re: Fake Like on Facebook
Post by: daral on 12-10-2013, 23:58:30
I don't recommend you paid services to increase Facebook likes. It counts as spam and you don't get qualified Facebook users. I would rather suggest you to join relevant communities and post quality content, images and videos to get genuine likes. Thanks
Title: Re: Fake Like on Facebook
Post by: Agenore Lucciano on 12-26-2013, 00:08:16
Yes there are so many tools by which you can increase the number of likes and all are fake, also some web services are there which works for increasing the number of likes. But I think that it will give you the dual results some helpful and some not.
Title: Fake Like on Facebook
Post by: wilson white on 01-18-2014, 02:23:04

Generate Fake like is not useful and meaningful to anyone,If you want to get more likes on face book, You have to post quality information and relevant contents,If you do works on your face book page really informative and creative, You will get more likes automatically then there is no need to talk about Fake Likes.
Title: Re: Fake Like on Facebook
Post by: Element_Xero on 01-20-2014, 22:27:30
The likes generated this way are not always fake. Even if fake, these likes may be very beneficial for a new page because when people see that the page has thousands of likes, they are attracted to the page. Its quite natural human behavior. Better quality likes can be bought from providers at which would help you gain more likes fast.
Title: Re: Fake Like on Facebook
Post by: Emmaballet20 on 07-16-2014, 22:48:09
Fake like on Facebook, I hate it ! I do see many peoples do use Fake Like & there are online Facebook tools those just give fake likes. I thing kind of service & tools must be bane !
Title: Re: Fake Like on Facebook
Post by: Chris_Tax on 07-23-2014, 17:12:23
Getting people to like your Facebook Business Page is a pain. The best I can do is ask  is ask people in a Facebook Business page to like my page and I will like their business page
Title: Re: Fake Like on Facebook
Post by: Sap Solution on 07-31-2014, 12:08:38
Any traffic that is not related to a specific business is fake. In case of Facebook likes. All those like that are from people that have no interest in your business are fake. Never purchase these facebook "likes"
Title: Re: Fake Like on Facebook
Post by: carldweb on 08-08-2014, 04:54:23
Fake likes its just one of the tricks of social media agency to attract client & get more money from them.
But this is not valuable. It doesn't make any sense.
Title: Re: Fake Like on Facebook
Post by: kiranshahweb on 10-17-2014, 00:59:57
There are many tricks are available for face book likes & really it doesn't make any sense.
But still you want to go with it then check out on Google for paid face book likes. Lot of sites are providing these services.