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Hello everybody! I'm Javier Abad, a marketing student, and I have a question to ask you, I hope you can give me a hand! From the marketing agency Comunicare, where I'm doing my internship, they have asked me to help them generate content for the agency's social networks. It is true that I have created content for social networks with different personal projects I have had, but never for a specific agency.
Therefore, I would like to know if you can take a quick look at the agency's website ( and suggest me some approach I can give to the content. Right now they only have an Instagram profile, but they don't make much use of it and they have told me that from now on they want to create a strategy to publish 3 weekly contents, but they need me to offer them some proposals. Can you think of any suggestions?
As I told you, I am doing my internship in this agency and they have asked me to offer them suggestions for the publication of content on their social networks, specifically Instagram, and thus give it an innovative profile, so I thought that from this forum you could help me. thank you very much!

So f you study marketing. You need to know how.

all instagram accs need some ambasadors for stories and posts

Maybe you can be ambasador of agency.

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