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How do you use Social media in your marketing??

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This is a good, practical introduction to the world of social media, and is loaded with a lot of step-by-step advice for those of us who are completely new to the area. Each tip is limited to a page, so it's easy to use this as a reference book to `dip' into whenever you can to get new ideas. One quibble is that I think she introduces too many of the different social sites in detail, without giving any sort of ranking. Obviously, someone can't really give full attention to all the sites, so some guidance on which to concentrate on would have been nice. This isn't the only social media marketing book you'll need if you are starting out -- the book really doesn't address how to develop an overall marketing strategy in the social media world. Consider this a companion piece to the other books that you'll need when you research and build your marketing.

Mostly I am promoting my brand in the major social networking sites through videos, images, text content and so on. This way, I am getting nice traffic through them.

Videos and Images are the best and most effective way of promotion..In social media  sites the promotions are get fast response than the other sources..

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One more idea here, you need to keep your contents attractive to people. However, if you need help, you may check this genuine service at

Social media is the very good way to promote your website on line.facebook,twitter,Digg are the famous social media sites to promote your can get more traffic for your sites to submit your website link on the social media can do social bookmarking on the social media sites to get traffic for your sites.smo is use to promote your website ranking.


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