How to Drive More Facebook Traffic to Website?

Author Topic: How to Drive More Facebook Traffic to Website?  (Read 10813 times)

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Re: How to Drive More Facebook Traffic to Website?
« Reply #10 on: 07-30-2015, 07:39:44 »
1st of all make your Facebook page so much popular that everybody knows about it. In starting you can run paid facebook ads. Because facebook page ads helps your page get more recognizance. And then always post interesting and fresh post and with a time difference because people usually fed up with continue too much posts and they want to quite that group and facebook page.
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Re: How to Drive More Facebook Traffic to Website?
« Reply #11 on: 04-19-2016, 08:34:40 »
If you have a website that never changes, you’re going to struggle to get much traffic to it. Posting links to the same page on your site over and over is as futile as Sisyphus rolling the boulder up the hill.

These days, the name of the game is content marketing and you had better figure out how your business can participate.

The fresh, new content you post on your site is important—not only for social media marketing, but also for search engine optimization. Google rewards sites featuring fresh content with higher ranking. But you don’t have to post epic blog articles three times a week to win at the content marketing game. Posting something new and helpful once a week or even once a month can benefit your website traffic.

Here are some ideas that can help you brainstorm how you can add new content to your website:

Post a weekly tip about your niche. It doesn’t have to be long; a paragraph or two with a nice photo will do just fine. Start with the frequently asked questions that come in from your customers.
Post a weekly news bite with a photo about what is happening in your business. This works well for businesses that have events.
Curate a list of top 10 helpful articles from around the web that you found that week. Add a short sentence about why you liked them.
Interview someone in your office or in your industry. The interview doesn’t have to be live or with video (but that makes it even better). You could send the interviewee a list of 5-10 questions beforehand.

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Re: How to Drive More Facebook Traffic to Website?
« Reply #12 on: 04-26-2016, 02:21:25 »
Hello, try to use the next:
1. Make your FB page interesting and creative
2. Follow a lot of people
3. POst a lot of topics
4. Try to understand needs of your friends!

Also, yu can use Tumbler for it!

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Re: How to Drive More Facebook Traffic to Website?
« Reply #13 on: 04-28-2016, 01:19:32 »
The traffic that will come from facebook will be based on the type of content that you'll gonna upload the more engaging it is the better. Also, you can do some participation on some website that has a direct relevant to your niche with that you can freely advertise your website, but of course you also need to ask for the approval of the moderators. Don't forget to monitor your website and create an update by choosing the right time wherein a lot of users are online so that it can easily be seen by many.

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Re: How to Drive More Facebook Traffic to Website?
« Reply #14 on: 05-17-2016, 01:40:41 »
Here is a list of top easy steps which can help you to drive more Facebook traffic to your website:
- make sure that you are posting a steady stream of content on your website;
- in order to make it easy to share your content to Facebook with your website you need to add a social share plugin and/or Facebook share buttons;
- work on optimizing your Facebook posts;
- to drive more traffic to your website, make sure that you have links in other parts of your Facebook page that people may be visiting;
- advertising on Facebook can be a great way for getting more traffic to your website.

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Re: How to Drive More Facebook Traffic to Website?
« Reply #15 on: 07-21-2016, 21:21:48 »
You will have to experiment a little bit with times. See what times your post are garnering the most views. From there begin to schedule your post around those target times. The thing about Facebook (much like google) the algorithm changes every now and then so you will need to adjust. stay abreast to all of their updates. And don't be afraid to click bait slightly with images. Something I find very useful to gaining views and clicks is the #mondaymeme. Generally I make the meme myself through a meme generator app and include it with my post that links to the site I want to point to. I try and make sure the image is something popular and trending with a relative message to not only the image but the content I am linking to as well. I hope this helps.

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Re: How to Drive More Facebook Traffic to Website?
« Reply #16 on: 07-26-2016, 23:47:59 »
Here are few steps for get traffic on yoyr site hop it will be useful for your.

1. Regularly publish engaging content
2. Create Facebook Ads to increase website traffic
3. Optimise your landing page
4. Measure and optimise
5. Target your ads


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