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Keeping google from reading Flash


So now that google can read text in flash, poorly (they say animation will be read as duplicate content for example), how can I keep it from reading the text in flash movies.

My .swf's are ussually near the top of the page and usually contain action phrases or phone numbers and such. We don't want these things indexed. We also don't want them to be used when google is determining what our sites are about. After all our website isn't about our "New Extended office hours" but that's obviously something very important we want near the tops of our pages for humans to see. Humans get our site isn't about the phrase extended office hours but about (well something else I'm not allowed to talk about).

Any suggestions?

if it got indexed you can try Google Webmaster tools and remove that file from Google search results:

Individual URLs: web pages, images, or other files Remove outdated or blocked web pages, images, and other documents from appearing in Google search results.

Try to keep your swf files that have animations in a page offset from the main page which you want indexed, that way you dont have to worry about it being read as multiple content.


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