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Do you play Online Game?

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What online Games do you play?

Yeah, I used to do... a lot...
League of Legends, Fifa Ultimate, sport games,etc.

Several years ago I played quite a lot of online games, mostly MMORPG like WoW, Aion, Dragon Nest, etc.... and of course Dota 2 included. I also play a bit of League of Legend but I can't get used to its playstyle. Currently I'm still playing Dota 2, though I play less than before.

Yes, I play when I have free time. There are many interesting online games.
I like strategies and shooters. I also like gambling, I play for money and demos. Great luck is needed here.

I used to play a lot when I was a student. I really like online games. Now such games are very high quality. But I like gambling now. But I did not win big money.


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