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I need social traffic from USA

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For social traffic from U.S you have make community of U.S people. You have to comment, like and share their posts

To get traffic from a particular location you need to do social media activities. Reach to your targeted audience by joining groups, by adding them in your list. Or you can run ad or contest only for your targeted audience this will help you to get traffic from where you want.

Like any marketing campaign, the basis of your social media activity should be goals and metrics (or Key Performance Indicators, if we’re getting fancy).
This is how you’ll measure success, and determine whether the platform you’re working on is actually effective. There’s not much point in investing time into Pinterest, for example, when your ideal customer isn’t active there, right?
Goals could be anything from growing your number of followers X% in six months to increasing social referral traffic by [50%].
Whatever you decide your goal is, stick to it and refer back to it regularly. Don’t let it become another never-again visited document that slips to the bottom of your Google Drive.
For the rest of this post, I'm going to focus on one goal: driving traffic. Here's how you can do it!

@Easton234, I would like to know, How can we find the sources of Guest Blogging for specific country based?

You have to work on your target audience. I did not get you, what social traffic are you talking about. Did you mean traffic from social media resources?


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