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Title: Benefits from Article Marketing
Post by: Sap Solution on 10-07-2016, 20:34:33
How can we get benefits from Article Marketing ? What are its advantages in online world ?
Title: Re: Benefits from Article Marketing
Post by: shabdli on 10-10-2016, 03:28:49
Article submission is one of the best ways to generate traffic, but Make sure that you submit your article on a site with high DA, Unique Content (With Tittle Tag, description, optimized URL, Long tail Keyword)

 Article submission sites list:
1. Articlesbase
2. Articlecube
3. Ezinearticle

By doing this you can get a backlink. Due to this, your site will receive link juice from that particular site.
Title: Re: Benefits from Article Marketing
Post by: JacobLindSEO on 10-11-2016, 02:46:32
How can we get benefits from Article Marketing ? What are its advantages in online world ?

Okay i found the explanation above a little confusing, however this is how I would explain it.

There are two possible advantages to writing real quality articles that you can ask other websites to post for you.
Like mentioned above, you can aim for a long tail keyword with your header, which should also then be the inner URL for the article, and hope to rank in google searches for that particular long tail keyword, thus gaining another way to drive traffic to your website through the link/links you put in your article.
The other benefit is that the links from the article which leads back to your website, will also help your website rank on Google.
Title: Re: Benefits from Article Marketing
Post by: pablohunt2812 on 10-20-2016, 00:37:34
#1 Provide valuable knowledge. The articles you submit and publish help people solve their problems, learn more, and find the answers to their questions. It doesn't matter what type of business you own, you have knowledge people are looking for.

#2 Build credibility. When you share your knowledge with people, you help to establish yourself as an expert. The more knowledge and information you provide, the more credibility you have.

#3 Increase brand awareness. Article directories have a broad reach. You submit your article to them, they publish it online AND your article is available for reprint on blogs and websites around the world. Not to worry, the businesses that use your article keep your contact information, links, and bio 100% intact. Write a good article and it could be published in 500 different website. Each one of these websites has their own target market and group of visitors who will, once they read your article, be aware of you and your business.

#4 Increase exposure. Advertising and marketing rule of thumb says it takes 3 to 7 exposures for brand recognition. That means if someone sees something related to your business, an article, your logo, an online ad, a few times, then you'll be part of their conscious. Think about how many McDonald's commercials you saw as a child. Whether you like the place or not, it's likely the first thing you think of when someone says fast food. Article marketing helps you reach your customers and potential customers several times.

#5 Drive traffic to your website. Each article you write will have a bio box. Your bio will include a link to your website. If you include a little teaser at the end of your article then your reader's will click through to your website to learn more about your business and what you have to offer.

#6 Promote your products or services. Your article can help to promote your products or services. While you will want to make sure the article provides value, no one wants to read a sales pitch, you can throw in a few "suggestions" to promote your business.

#7 Increase SEO with links. The more people that publish your article, the more links you'll have back to your website. Search engines look for quality links to your website when determining your ranking.

#8 Earn new customers. Article marketing will give you new customers. Whether your business is brand spanking new or you've been in business for decades, you will gain new customers from article marketing. It's almost guaranteed. Searching for a solution, they'll hop online to do some research, they'll find your article, you'll impress them with your knowledge, they'll click to your website and bam! New customer.

#9 It is one of the easiest forms of marketing you can do. If you already have content written, article marketing is literally a cut and paste operation.

#10. It is free. 99% of the article directories are free. A few offer upgrade services that offer a few features you may be interested in. Even if you choose to pay for these features your ROI is going to be very high.
Title: Re: Benefits from Article Marketing
Post by: Williams Reus on 10-21-2016, 19:49:18
+ Your Web site benefits from a surge in relevant traffic
+ You will obtain a good name in the field by making popular and respected
+ Article marketing will improve PageRank due to the increasing number of outbound links (links that come from outside your site)
+ Visitors will want to return to your site
+Article Marketing is a great way to get backlinks
Title: Re: Benefits from Article Marketing
Post by: Gabrel on 10-24-2016, 04:06:00
You will get 3 key benefits from article marketing.
1) Brand value
2) Direct traffic
3) Target links
Title: Re: Benefits from Article Marketing
Post by: onehalf on 11-21-2016, 01:37:57
With SEO changing so much due to all these Google algorithm updates over the past few years. Article directories are slowly being phased out. In the past few algorithm’s updates, Google has deemed these as low-quality sources and don’t rank them as high as they used too.