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Title: Good Traffic
Post by: SeoDezin on 02-06-2016, 20:35:35
Which type of traffic can give more benefit to my online business ?
Title: Re: Good Traffic
Post by: RH-Calvin on 02-09-2016, 23:00:43
Organic traffic generated from organic search results will benefit the most for your online business. They will help to generate more leads for your business and build your online popularity.
Title: Re: Good Traffic
Post by: hieronymusf01 on 02-15-2016, 00:11:14
Adding new content to your website on a regular basis is a great digital marketing practice. The search engines love it, but more importantly your audience should find it useful. Your blog is your very own channel to communicate directly with your audience of potential customers and advocates.
Title: Re: Good Traffic
Post by: rohitnagpure336 on 02-24-2016, 00:23:37
Referral traffic as well as Organic traffic Both traffic can give more benefit to you online business by Organic search or traffic you can easily get traffic or business but If you will work on social media platform like as twitter, facebook, Google+ with quality then you can generate good sales through this platform these platform will provide you good referral traffic.

Which type of traffic can give more benefit to my online business ?
Title: Re: Good Traffic
Post by: lilyalvin on 02-24-2016, 23:55:16
Referral traffic is not as beneficial as organic traffic, so try go for organic traffic and you will get the benefit of it. Social media and blogs traffic can also prove to be worthwhile.
Title: Re: Good Traffic
Post by: hoahong on 03-21-2016, 20:39:23
It’s one of those questions that isn’t easy to answer, but here’s my advice…

Speaking the same language

Let’s make sure when we say “traffic” we’re talking about the same thing.

First, there are a lot of stats and metrics involved with traffic. Examples: unique visitors, visits, hits (although “hits” is such a vague, unhelpful term in my opinion). They all measure and indicate different things.

Second, you have to specify a time period for which you are measuring traffic. I’ve heard statements like, “Her site has over 1 million visitors!” Alright, but are you saying she has over 1 million visitors per month or are you saying she’s had over 1 million visitors since she began her site 5 years ago?

For the sake of example, let’s talk pageviews

For many years, especially in the days of display ads, “pageviews” was used when conversing about traffic in general. Unique visitors or unique visits are stats that are talked about more these days, but for the sake of this example let’s concentrate on page views.

A page view is counted each time your site loads.

For example, when someone lands on your main page and your site appears on the screen, that’s one pageview, because your site loaded. The visitor might scroll down to read (still the same pageview) and then click over to another one of your posts. When they click, your site will load that new post (on a new page) and that will be a second pageview. And so on.

In general, when bloggers talk about traffic in page views, the default is monthly page views (as opposed to daily or weekly or yearly).
Title: Re: Good Traffic
Post by: sonth321 on 04-01-2016, 23:55:37
Not easy to explain it, I think you should join some course for understanding more.
It's not simple to understand it, you need more time and experience to know it clearly.
Title: Re: Good Traffic
Post by: BrettUK on 04-11-2016, 08:10:26
Social media traffic is definitely one of those.
Title: Re: Good Traffic
Post by: TomClarke on 04-12-2016, 02:24:58
With increased amount of traffic to your website, the greater number of eventual customers and transactions your business will benefit from. To get this traffic, you really need to work on these 4 web traffic types:
- social media traffic; 
- direct traffic;
- organic traffic;
- referral traffic.
Title: Re: Good Traffic
Post by: 96Livepro on 04-15-2016, 05:10:32
Good Traffic to the Website
Optimize your Site For SEO
Social Bookmarking
Update website content regularly
Facebook and Twitter remarketing
Directory Submission
Title: Re: Good Traffic
Post by: MaryGreen on 04-22-2016, 02:12:23
Hello, thank you very much for this question! If you want to have a good traffic you must improve your content and develop your design! Try to use social networks, and follow and interact with other sites and blogs! Also, very important to have your own audience! Such things will help you to have a good traffic! Also, you can use Tumbler for your needs!