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Alright so I'm a member of Google Adsense and the other day I got a free $100 gift card in the mail saying it was for "Google Adwords".  It seemed like a pretty good program from what I read on the letter they sent me, however, I didn't have a use for it at the time so I sold it for a few bucks.  Now I don't use Adsense much so I'm assuming they sent these out en mass.  Wondering if anyone used their gift card and if/why they were satisfied with the turnout from Adwords...

Never used a gift card from Google Adwords, but I can say Adwords help much in promoting my website keywords and build popularity and ranks in search engines.

AdWords has everything you need to start. You can use external tools for finding or evaluating keywords, but optionally you can start an auto-bidding campaign, which will set the actual bids up automatically.

The keywords that are running in the ads of Google are Google Adwords. Here you can bid on a particular keyword to rank your website in the top of Google instantly.

I used a couple of years back, and mostly gift cards are those to attract new adwords customers.

Yes they are useful, but its difficult to get profitable keywords, if found its costlier  :-\.

Now a days google offering spend and get the amount you spent in a month offers.  !-!


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