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Title: Google Penalties
Post by: Broadscope Partners on 12-06-2016, 22:59:29
How do you know if google actually penalized your webpage? How do you check? What tools, site, etc do you use to verify this information?
Title: Re: Google Penalties
Post by: jannatul18 on 03-31-2017, 04:03:33
You have to search your website on Google using your potential keywords if it is not there even on first 10 Google search result pages then you will understand that your website has got penalized.
Title: Re: Google Penalties
Post by: braveluke on 04-03-2017, 19:41:53
I don't think that the work a tool could do.
In my experience. Google penalties will never happen If you do good on your site. However, you will be punished for unfair SEO.
If you want to check just do the SEO progress and check your competitors. You do what they do or even better, your rank lower, that's it.
Title: Re: Google Penalties
Post by: eurus on 04-09-2017, 20:12:50
The obvious way is if they have warnings reported in Google Webmaster Tools.

Beyond this, keep a close eye on your organic search traffic and rankings (Searchmetrics SEO visibility report is normally very useful for this, especially for comparisons vs. competitors in your sector) to spot any recent drops in performance.

One thing I would highly recommend is link cleanups and frequent auditing for any site, whether penalised or not. You want to make your profile as clean as possible, prevention is definitely better than cure!
Title: Re: Google Penalties
Post by: AaronJacobson on 04-11-2017, 00:43:45
Every time, check your website traffic and keywords position, suddenly your web traffic and ranking goes down and website is not coming in search result that time google give a penalty to your website.
Title: Re: Google Penalties
Post by: alexfurfaroseo on 04-13-2017, 08:03:34
Webmaster Tools / Search Console as Eurus hs replied above. Search your site with site:http:// and it will show how many pages are indexed. If this number decreases over time you may.

Also just search you in Google and if it doesn't come up on page 1 your likely penalized.
Title: Re: Google Penalties
Post by: Webdaadi on 04-19-2017, 02:36:45
You can check in Google analytics and Google Webmaster if your website panelized then your result would be a down. So you can check google analytics for whether your users are decreased or not. And check webmaster whether to chek your rankings whether your keywords position down or not.

And after analysis you have answer, your website has not panelized.
Title: Re: Google Penalties
Post by: jaysh4922 on 06-14-2017, 01:21:37
Black hat SEO is the use of techniques that are not acceptable to search hat SEO techniques can get their sites penalized by or banned from search engines.