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How to do effective Content Marketing?

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Harikrishna Patel:
In most of the articles now a day, I read about content marketing and many of them use the term like “Build Relationships”, I just want to know to build relationship with our visitor using “Content Marketing”, is there any type of “Content” that helps in building relationships or influencing users.

I believe content marketing will be the main focus for a lot of professional SEO-ers this year.Content Marketing being used as a replacement for SEO on websites.Content Marketing can also helps in driving conversions and sales.

Content is a great source for building relationship. If your content is unique and quality content, then, the search engine will crawl it easily and will give it priority. Your content should be written in such perspective that it should draw user's attention and people find it interesting to read it. If they found your blog to be impressive then, they can post comments and can start a discussion over it. This, in turn, will help in building relationship.

Today, content marketing is considered as the most popular technique for promotion, for building quality links, for increasing traffic and others. For successful and effective content marketing, your content should be unique and influential that readers will find it interesting to read. If they will like your post then they will also post comments on that. You can also follow some ways for optimizing content for users because if user engagement will be there then it will help in building relationship.

Try creating different contents like Text based, Infographics, Pictures, videos,documents etc and share in different social networking websites.


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