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Dear Sanjay !
Thanks for your link, it helpful for me, thanks a lot

According to me, Google is one of the best info to get any type of info and I am sure you can easily grab the big list of Business listing from Google. So my friend, just Google it and get it.

I would like to tell you something first when you post a thread you should ask complete question. You didn't specify which specific location you are targeting and if you want the list, it is very easy. Just search in google and you can get a better list.

I am just sharing with you a few business listing site list: mozo pages, yello pages, city search, yelp, google, yahoo, bing, white pages etc. these are the best site for doing local business listing.

Good list Sanjay,

But I am looking for India based business listing website data. Can anyone provide me? Must be active and good PA, DA data needs only.


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