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My website authority getting Down Day-by-Day. How can I recover it?


hello everyone,
what are the possible reasons behind my website downsizing the DA of my website .

1. Need to identify that why it is dropping down
2. Always try to improve the content
3. Focus on building quality backlinks, not in quantity

A decrease in domain authority while your competition continues to rise could mean a few things: You haven't produced any new content since the last time your site was crawled. Google may have caught something sketchy you did, such as keyword stuffing or duplicate content (which is different than syndicated content).


1. First, find why is your web authority getting Down?
2. Post Quality Content.
3. Use the High Authority website for posting.
4. Create a Backlink always on the website which is higher than your website.

- Website authority does not only depends upon the back links but also depends upon the quality backlinks. Whenever you built back links, always make sure that those back links should be related to the property you linking. Here are some point that you should consider to increase domain authority.

- When you create a back links, always ensure to have sufficient amount of content. Also, always write fresh content, duplicate content devalue your links.
- Create back links on website that has higher authority than yours. Suppose your domain authority is 20, in this case create a backlink on website that has more than 20 DA.
- Do not spam: Do not post anything on spam websites. Instead of getting benefits your website will loose authority.


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