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How beneficial is PDF Submission?
Plz reply only if you have prior experience.

PDF submission is an important off page technique used to build backlinks and also generate traffic from various submission websites. They help to make your website popular in search engines.

PDF Submission is a part of link building activities, you can convert your article in to PDF and submit it to the PDF Submission sites. Long back most of the PDF submission websites allow Do-follow links, but nowadays they give only No follow links. 

PDF Submission is really one of the most effective Off page option. You can easily generate traffic and backlink by using this aspect. There are so many sites which accept PDF, but according to me, Slideshare and issuu are the most promising options where you can submit your quality PDF.

PDF Submission is best techiques to increase your website traffic and ranking.  PDF Submission is very important for SEO. You can create a PDF brochure for your website and promote it online through many websites which give quality backlink to your site.


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