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We are a group of volunteers that recently established a free bulletin board/forum website which serves as a repository that publishes (as a public warning) a high volume of advance-fee fraud scam emails, ones that are circulating on the internet throughout the world on a daily basis.

On average we publish between 50-100 newly received scam emails every day and will have posted well over 10,000 new scam mails by the end of this year. The emails are published on the website in real time by our volunteers as a free public service to help warn and protect people all over the world so that they know that these emails are indeed scams. By seeing the scam emails published on our site people then can see that none of the scam emails the may have received are in any way legitimate offers of lottery winnings, low interest loans, business partnership opportunities, inheritance monies, money being given away by government officials and banks, etc.

Each of the subject headers (for each of the scam emails published on the website) contains the false name perpetrated in the scam email, and together with the email address used by the scammer, so that each of the scam emails can be easily found on the site during a Google search. But the only way our site can be successful in warning and protecting the public from being scammed is if each of the scam emails gets individually indexed by Google in real-time based upon the information about the scammer contained in each of our post subject headers.

Google real-time indexing is the key so that, when people receive one of these suspicious emails the same day that we post them, and they search for more information in Google using the scammer’s name or email address contained in the scam email, that they are able to reach the corresponding scam email that was posted on our website. Then, once they see the scam email (that they received) posted on our website, it will reconfirm to them that the email is in fact a criminal scam. The site then further advises them that they should not respond to the mail under any circumstances or they will place themselves in both financial and physical danger.

At the moment Google has only indexed the scam mail forum categories that we have created on the website, but none of the thousands of actual scam mails already posted on the site are indexed by Google (or any of the other search engine) thus far.

We have studied about Google indexing and ranking, and we realize that much of it is based upon site traffic and link backs to a site from other websites, but for us it is chicken and egg. We cannot build up the traffic and link backs, nor be of service to the public, if nobody knows we are there.

Thus, we are wondering what we can do, as a free public service website, if anything, to help to get our individual posts indexed by Google (and other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, etc) so that our site can start helping to reduce the thousands of people who are falling prey to identity theft and also losing thousands of dollars to internet scams on a daily basis.

Any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated and many thanks for your time in reading this post.
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