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Serious changes in the Goole algorithm?

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Have you noticed any major fluctuations in Google search results on your pages? All the websites they have been dealing with for the past few days have experienced strong fluctuations in positions. The part goes upside down. For now I have such conclusions:

* Pages previously covered by a filter return to the top.

* Less intensively positioned websites gain in the ranking?
Do you have any observations?

I know, but I wanted to ask you if you noticed any dependencies?

Not noticed yet but yes something changes are going to update in next month. Not sure what are the changes are going to update but this is fact and announces by Mozbar, Google is going to update some changes.

I have also noticed some fluctuations as well. And, in all honesty, I think they're pretty random. One day there's a featured snippet on the number 1 spot and the next day it's gone. When Google usually does an update like that it gives chance to low positioned websites to go to the first page. And then it returns to normal. Maybe it's one of those. We'll just have to wait and see.

I have seen major fluctuation in my all websites ranking. In 24 my all websites change their position after every three hours


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