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I notice that no one is mentioning negative keywords, which are very important if you plan to advertise in the search engines. Negative keywords are the keywords that you don't want your ads to show up for. For example, if you're running an ad for a hosting service that you're selling, you should add "free" as a negative keyword, because you don't want to show your ads to people who are only looking for free hosting. They may click on your ad and accumulate costs for you, but they likely won't be interested in purchasing your services - after all, they're looking for a free service, not a paid one.

Michael Anderson:
As mentioned already in some of the suggestions, Primary keyword has much value than other categories of keywords. A primary keyword can also be said as "focused Keyword" that carries the responsibility of boosting your website.
Apart from that, when long term keywords are added in contents, they are deemed as secondary keywords.

There are three types of keywords described by their length: Short-tail keywords (also known as head, broad, or generic keywords) Mid-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords.

Primary keywords help to rank your websites efficiently on search engine. These keywords help to target your desired audience efficiently and effectively.

Primary Keywords

Your potential customers will enter relevant primary keywords on search engine and easily find their required information. You can call these keywords as primary keywords for the sake of your convenience.

Primary keywords are considered as an important part of backlink building techniques and strategies. Primary keywords are mostly using in anchor texts of backlinks. It is considered as the best way of using primary keywords.

Primary keywords related with your products and services help to target your desired customers efficiently. Your desired customers will be targeted efficiently through primary keywords.

Your customers will easily find their required information through primary keywords. For instance, primary keywords related to web design are web designs, web design and web etc.

People will find their required information quickly by entering primary keywords. Secondary keywords related to web design are excellent web design and best web design etc.

SEO professionals are using the best combination of primary and secondary keywords in order to target their desired audience.

Secondary Keywords

Efficient websites consists of primary keywords as well as sprinkle of other related keywords. Secondary keywords are derived from your primary keywords and also help Google to rank your website efficiently.

You can apply this combination through appropriate nouns, verbs, adjectives and different arrangement and sequence. You can efficiently target your desired customers and promote your products and services.

You can use secondary keywords for internal links of your website as well as anchor texts for backlinks. It will help the customers to search easily their required content of your website.

They want to search all content of their desired website in order to gather their required information.

A primary keyword, as the name recommends, is a keyword that is used before any other keywords on a web page or in an article. so, the Main a keyword is the most necessary keyword on a webpage.
The main keyword should be included in a site's title and description as well as in its content of website pages. It must be added to the first sentence on the page too. The primary keyword is necessary for the desire of SEO as it
is used to describe the web site pages, as well as help people, locate the site.

A secondary keyword is used after the primary keyword and is not required with respect to SEO. So, when a secondary keyword has used the outlook of engaging additional visitors to your site are increased.


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