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Title: Very odd behavior. Google is changing “%20” to “+” in my URLS
Post by: jpf566 on 12-11-2013, 08:43:08
I just realized many of the links on my site are BROKEN when entered from a Google SERP. This didn’t used to be this way. I have no idea what’s going but I’m worried.

It involves a folder of our site that has a space in it. Google is even displaying the proper “%20” in the SERP but when I click the link it replaces that “%20” with a + which breaks the link!!
 You can see this in action by typing in “brown jordan sheffield furniture” without quotes into Google. You’ll see our site come up first and displaying this link but when you click it the link is broken!
 This is happening on many of our pages! Anyone know what in the world is going on? Could I fix this with .htaccess?