Why Google gives me less relevant results?

Author Topic: Why Google gives me less relevant results?  (Read 4038 times)

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Why Google gives me less relevant results?
« on: 06-18-2012, 02:34:21 »
Hey everybody! Can you figure this out?

Search for "famous people nesting dolls" in Google and you get a link to our home page. (therussianstore.com)

Search for "famous people nesting dolls" in Bing or Yahoo and you get a link to our catalog page. (therussianstore.com/dolls/nesting-dolls-famous-people)

Why wouldn't google give me the catalog page, its more relevant, has more of the keyword on the page, etc...

I've posted before and got a few replies saying "It's just google's updates"

Well, if that is true (which I'm not convinced it is) then WHAT can I do about it?

This happens with a lot of our keywords... Instead of showing a result with the correct catalog page, Google will show results for either the home page, some random blog post, an out-of-stock item, or the landing page.

Is this happening with anyone else?
We use magento.

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Re: Why Google gives me less relevant results?
« Reply #1 on: 06-19-2012, 08:24:12 »
i have seen some like this complain from others as well, even 1 user notified that 1st 2 sites which Google was showing which was actually out of service

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Re: Why Google gives me less relevant results?
« Reply #2 on: 06-25-2012, 22:14:19 »
Check whether that page contain the same phrase in Title or in URL? As Google marks Title and URL of a Web Page much important it might possible that page contain the search term somewhere in Title or in URL.

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Re: Why Google gives me less relevant results?
« Reply #3 on: 07-01-2012, 09:17:35 »
Hello there, this seems like a big issue for you, since the url you shared about your catalog is being redirected to your home page.
I will tell you that it is NOT google updates in any shape or form that would result in such outcome. Since if your home page shows results for those search terms, then it deems that page as relevant to show. 
We need to remember that Google is cache based, and this could be the reason, meaning, if your site doesn't get crawled regularly, and if you change items often, then this could be the reason etc (though not 100% sure)
my advise would be like this:
if you want to rank these terms "famous people nesting dolls" for your catalog page, then target that page with that phrase only. Just double check Google results and see the cached results (keeping an eye out for date it was crawled etc) and before long, when someone searches Google with those terms, your catalog page should come up.
Also, do not compare Google ranking result set to Yahoo or Bing, they simply work on different algorithms. Your focus should be more on the Google side, as you know, it brings you more leads.
I hope this helps, (one more point I like to make is that, once you create catalog page or similar page, do not delete the page or do lots of redirects etc) you can always update the content of that catalog as new items arrive etc. But the resource should be well thought of and should be long term as much as possible.

Once again these are my suggestions only (since I don't know your business model or requirements) thus, just give thought to what I shared..

P.S you have a lovely website (easy to use and navigate and the use of colors are done well) keep up the good work
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