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Illustrator Vs Photoshop ?

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The Design world the All Adobe Photoshop,Illustrator making by web design , Logo Design another picture design.

Luca tall:
Both are good. but my all time favourite is Adobe photoshop.

Illustrator and Photoshop are the two of Adobe's most populary used graphics program.
1. Adobe photoshop is a great program for modifying already created images or graphics like photos, and is adobes most popular program.Raster or bitmap graphics are created using photoshop. where as Adobe Illustrator is an advance vector based software, It uses mathematical construct to create vector graphics.

2. Photoshop was created as a tool for photographer to edit and manage there photos where as Illustrator was created for typesetting and logo areas of graphics design.

Both tool has its advantage. If you want to edit any image etc and use it then Photoshop is the best tool. Illustrator is good for high resolution for printing purpose. Photoshop can be used for both printing and online medium.

Both Illustrator and Photoshop are preferable for different purposes. When its about editing photos I like to use Photoshop and when its about creative design then Illustrator is a better choice.


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