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Illustrator Vs Photoshop ?

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Illustrator and Photoshop are both Adobe creations and both are pretty heavily priced. As they are the product of Adobe both are very similar. The basic difference is Photoshop is a bitmap image manipulation and processing program that is perfect for creating, outputting or modifying digital images of a photographic nature. Illustrator is a vector based drawing program that generates individual vector objects that retain their characteristics and are not part of a bitmap. Photoshop is use for web, mobile, software UI design or photo enhancement or color correction or it is used for web graphics, motion graphics or special effects .Illustrator is used for Logo, Logo type, monogram and insignia design or web graphics, motion graphics or vector painting or Illustrations.

adobe photoshop must be the first choice that you would be picking, since it is very user-friendly and more common tool. you would not find it hard to learn that since most of the time, it is instructional. You could ask anything here regarding what output you really want. :)

Photoshop is bitmap centered graphic modifying and development program. The photo shop is a vector based modifying and development program. I personally think photoshop's used to create web centered design far more often.  The illustrator's  for creating clean forms and designs for example logo design.

Both tools are best and there are many good features that are encouraging  but my personal opinion goes for Photoshop and that why I use it.

Although, both of these Illustrator and Photoshop are great but I prefer Photoshop because of its good result. These days I am using adobe photoshop cs6 which works really nice, in fact there are many web designers going for it as well.


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