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Illustrator Vs Photoshop ?

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I'm pretty new to the whole graphic design sided of things and still don't fully understand the difference between the two adobe applications. Both are able to do the same sort of stuff, so what's the difference and when do you use each ?

Any help or tips on this would be greatful, because I'm really looking to master and get into one of these and want to decide where I should start ?  :-X

I prefer photoshop. And as I know its the best there is . Also if your going to buy photoshop buy the new cs5

Ive come to the belief that if you can make it in illustrator (as in have the software competency)... make it in illustrator. Its that simple. Vector is the hotness when it comes to logos and the like because of scalability.

I prefer Photoshop, many reasons why, and they might not suit your needs. Best thing to do is download it from Adobes site for a free trial :)

Most of the people prefer Photoshop for graphic designing.


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