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What is the best software for logo designing any suggestions

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I currently wanted to get a logo designed so please can you tell me which software should I use someone suggested me Photoshop please help

Photoshop is the best.
Try also Fireworks and CorelDRAW.

Best Free Photo Software - Paint.NET, GIMP, Picnik
Pay-For - Photoshop (I personally like CS4 the best but that's a matter of personal opinion)

Other than above softwares...

1. Logo Ease 1.0
2. AAA LOGO 2009
3. Innovative Logos f. Company Logo Des
4.  Logo design Engine
5. Companylogodesigner 1.04

Hope this helps... ::)

If you're just designing for web then photoshop is fine, but if you want proper brand/logo design, it's gotta be vector based so illustrator is the industry choice.... fully scalable vector graphics, suitable for both print and web :) Job done!


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