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I have a blog here and not really that active, and lately I would like to change or add something in it, but the problem is I don’t know how to edit or it requires to edit the html code in my blog, and what part of it should I place the changes? Can you please illustrate more on this on layman’s term? (By illustrating, can you please post it here on which part should I place it ) Thanks in advance

tell me whether your blog is in wordpress or in blogger?in both the case ,its easy to edit html .

If I have problems with html code, I always refer to this site.

If you are a Microsoft Word user, you can still edit HTML files in Word, just as you would any other text-based file. This permits you to directly edit and change a HTML file without the use of a more expensive Web authoring tool.

Free plain text editors can be found on most home computers and will edit HTML code. NotePad is the default plain text editor on Windows machines. Right-Mouse click on your HTML file and Open With NotePad. NotePad will open the HTML file in code format so you can begin editing immediately.


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