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Underline tag and SEO value

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From a SEO point of view does the <u> (underline) tag have any value? And if it does, how to achieve the same results with css?

Yes it does, and with Italic and Bold, Underline indicates importance.

But it may confuse the user into thinking that your underlined text is infact a link, so be careful where you place your underlined text.

As for use in CSS could you elaborate more on what you mean, do you mean how to underline in CSS using a style to define your text as underlined?

The simple answer is yes! However how much it helps is a different question. I still think the link text has to be the most important factor in link building however as has been said above, tags like <b><i><u> all signify importance so thus highlighting your main keywors on a page will help.

underlined text is good for seo, but i prefer to use bold and italic texts.
It is more important for SEs (imho).

Probably has some benefits but either way BOLD, Italics or Underline don't really do that much for SEO, so when using it, just weigh in how much real benefit you're going to get :)

For me using the <h1><h2> tags are more important.


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