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How to scrap a website in node.js


   Hey friends, I am here to share a query in javascript development forum, that how to scrap a website using nodejs which includes getting, parsing & extracting the content of a webpage . Read & share your views about scrapping the content of a website.

Hub is an arrangement of libraries over the V8 engine which can accumulate JavaScript. So it's implied that the essential aptitudes for JavaScript itself are a subset of the imperative abilities for Node. You should begin with JavaScript itself.

Project Setup. Before you begin, ensure that you have Node and npm or yarn installed on your machine. Since we will use a lot of ES6/7 syntax in this tutorial, it is recommended that you use the following versions of Node and npm for complete ES6/7 support: Node 8.9. 0 or higher and npm 5.2.

Node. js is a great tool to use for web scraping. It allows implementing web scraping routines in a couple of lines of code using the open source module provided by npm - the Node Package Manager.

Step 1 — Create the Application Directory.
Step 2 — Set Up the Express Server Application.
Step 3 — Modify npm scripts.
Step 4 — Create Helper Functions.
Step 5 — Set Up Scraping by Calling the URL.


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