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Title: Java v/s Java script
Post by: Patrecia on 07-22-2013, 11:27:46
Java v/s JavaScript
Well sometimes people often get confused in java and java script but they are entirely different from one another. Java is an object oriented programming language that has great platform independent approach while java script is more of a scripting language that is basically web development programming platform making it easy to understand for the users. Java is a core programming language that is used for
Basic system development while java script is used for interface development across web and cyberspace and is more user-friendly language making it popular one among learners.
Title: Re: Java v/s Java script
Post by: kiash001 on 07-28-2013, 04:43:20
Java and JavaScript are completely different. Java is a programming language by Sun micro system and JavaScript is a scripting language by Netscape Communications Corporation and Mozilla Foundation.
Title: Re: Java v/s Java script
Post by: MarcoLeitner on 06-11-2015, 13:21:15
1.Java is a object oriented language is a programming language created by James Gosling of microsoft where as javascript is a scripting language created by fine people at Netscape.
2. Java is Statically typed language where as JavaScript is a dynamic typed Language.
3.Java has a concept of constructor which has some special properties while javascript constructors are another function and there is no special rule for constructor in javascript.
4.Java uses bytecode to achieve platform independence where as javascript ( runs directly on browser  but code written in java is subject to platform compatibility.
Title: Re: Java v/s Java script
Post by: SanviMalhotra on 08-19-2015, 01:48:54
1. Java  is an Object Oriented  programming language while Java Script is an Object Oriented  scripting language.
2. Java's objects are class-based; JavaScript's are prototype-based.
3.Java can stand on its own while JavaScript must be placed inside an HTML document to function.