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I have endeavoured the free keyword suggestion device by WordTracker and the keyword tool from Google Adwords. Both work fine, but I just feel that they are just not detailed enough in terms of features.

What tools do you use? Why is it better?

The pais version of wordtracker seems to have the best results. i've used google keywords, it's good but not enough detail is provided and the figures aren't always depednable.

SEO Workgroup:
I like the 2 most :
1. Google keyword tool
2. Wordtracker
They give sthe best keyword results for the websites.

Best keywords can be selected using Google keyword planner. It is the best free tool for high quality keyword research. They help to provide various keyword suggestions for your domain, and selecting the right keywords will help to rank your website higher in search results.

I use Google's Keywords planner & Sem rush. you can try it out, it is just the best.


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