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 :P Hello,

I'm new and forgot to post an introduction before posting a few replies sorry boarders don't penalize me to bad.

I just had a quick question regarding meta tag keywords. I've been looking into seo/sem optimization for awhile now and something thats got my head spinning a little is I keep hearing that keyword usage in meta tags arn't as effective as they use to be and don't really influence a site's performance. However I should focus more on title tag and content keywords.

A few comments regarding this subject would be very helpful.


Yes, you are right.
Meta tags are not important now days (except description).
Focus on title, headings and content keywords (key-phrases).

I know meta tags may not be that important but someone told me there good for helping adsense choose better ads. i.e. if you put in high paying keywords and your site is  releated to that niche, they're more likely to show up ? Any truth in that ? Or is it a Myth lol

its impotant
title tag
h1 tag

The biggest problem with putting a lot of keywords in your meta tags is that google will only read so much of your page and if you have too many keywords then google won't read them it they are too similar and can be summed up by another one.


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