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What are factors to consider when picking keywords for my website?


What are factors to consider when picking keywords for my website?  The niche is general gaming and game creation but I want to rank well in some not so common keywords.  The site will mostly focus on role playing games.  Any tips?  Thanks

Are the games for the kids or for adults?  If it is for kids select appropriate keywords that would catch the attention of the kids such as ben10, online games, free download etc.

Watchwords ought to be reflect to your organization, which is the reason it's a smart thought to begin your catchphrase travel by taking a gander at your organization's items and administrations. Make a rundown of your items and administrations and include any subcategories or different perspectives that identify with what your organization offers.

You will need to research it over Google keyword planner to get suggestions for the best keywords with high search volumes. Ranking for these keywords with high search volumes will help to gain good traffic and build your website ranking higher in search engines.

It is good that you combine different strategies: first you check Google Keyword Planner and/or SemRush and pick up niche long tail words with small competition. Then you open Google Incognito and write some of those keywords, you will see at the bottom other suggestions for search queries. Also in Pinterest - when you write a word it will give you further suggestions - real search queries.


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