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why my website keyword decreasing?

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hi, members. I need a favor from you who want to know properly known on SEO.
from two years I am creating an affiliate health niche website and within one year I got a lot of visitors and my search keyword was 5k plus. recently I bring some change as creating the new category post style and all post place in category wise. but now decreasing my site keywords daily and now only 700 plus. I did not understand what should I do now?
my website-
please check and put your important advice.

Do you mean that your daily visitors are decreased?
your site have 5k daily visitors before?  :o
and now it decreases to 700 per day?  :-X

John - Smith:
Not daily visitors, He's discussing "Search Queries" ~ Website keywords in webmaster/analytics!

Neel Patel:
Google core algorithm update may be the reason.  :o

I Agree with user @neel


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