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Title: Backlinks problem
Post by: Charter on 05-23-2010, 16:08:37
I am facing a problem regarding backlinks. I had built so many backlinks
But now they are decreasing day by day instead of increasing. And I am still continue working on building backlinks… but not over building them. Please help me need your advice.
What should I do to get those backlinks back…And one more thing I downloaded the table from Google webmaster tools of the backlinks…The one when I had so many.
But now when I open those links my website link is there but Google is not counting it. Though those links are not nofollow.But still no backlinks
Title: Re: Backlinks problem
Post by: Seojet on 06-23-2010, 04:02:51
Make something interesting on your site to attract users. They will give you backlinks.
Or simply buy links. It also works ;).
Title: Re: Backlinks problem
Post by: imyours on 11-22-2010, 03:43:45
Yeah..  make some blog or articles to attract users. or make an interesting videos or something new.. Or you can visit this site it can help you..

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You have to start updating and upgrading your site.. !-!
Title: Re: Backlinks problem
Post by: a3web on 01-20-2011, 05:42:11
The links still situated but Google not considering because may be the site or page where your links live has been removed from Google cache.

Focus on building content links from blogs and articles.
Title: Re: Backlinks problem
Post by: derrickschwan on 02-16-2011, 01:13:11
Make sure to create quality backlink, don't make too much backlinks that looks your campaign spamming, there is a possibility that sites administrators may delete some of your build links.
Title: seo services
Post by: alex55 on 02-20-2011, 22:22:03
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Title: Re: Backlinks problem
Post by: socialmedia28 on 03-09-2011, 17:29:48
To strip things down to basics, each link to a webpage is a vote, and the page with the most votes and the most relevant content will win and be top of the SERP. Simplistic, but that is essentially what happens. The thing to remember is that not all links have an equal vote.

Remember the old Soviet Communist countries in the UN? Even though they had one vote each, they voted together as a
block, in effect casting a single powerful vote. It is the same with links, some powerful sites with high trust etc across their domain,
have the power of a block vote.
Title: Re: Backlinks problem
Post by: anjali0222 on 01-16-2017, 04:32:16
Try to make quality backlink, don't make a lot of backlinks that looks your crusade spamming, there is a plausibility that locales chairmen may erase some of your manufacture joins.