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Dangerous link building mistakes....

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I have found a very good guide to avoid some mistakes while doing link building.. i wasn't aware of these points(mistakes) and I found it very helpdul after reading it..
So just a little help for newbies..

Download it here......

Hope that helps..

Fantastic guide for beginners! !-!
Thanks seo1234.  :)

All the points mention in the pdf file are critical mistakes that everyone should avoid...

Link Building is the most important aspects of any SEO campaign and it can make total pain if you are making any of these mistakes ......

More, Following points are some common link building mistakes ---

No keywords in your anchor text
Focusing on quantity instead of quality
Getting links from low-quality websites
Ignoring websites with a low PR---getting many High pr links will get you caught, you should also include some low PR links..
Not linking out--- Linking out will bring you links in return...

Hope that helps..
Good luck..


--- Quote from: seonew on 06-29-2010, 10:52:14 ---Focusing on quantity instead of quality

--- End quote ---

This is the worst mistake made by people.  To put it in extreme terms, what's better-

100 links on blogs that people that don't read OR your site featured on the home page of Yahoo

Thanks for reminding, thanks!


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