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Do You Follow Your Niche When Backlinking?


This is a question I always like to ask.  When you are making backlinks to your site, whether through forums or blogs, do you follow the same niche as your site?  Like if your site is about soccer, do you put backlinks only on soccer blogs/forums?  Or do you just go for whatever popular places you can find?  Back when I had a backlinking service I started out with trying to find popular forums or blogs with the same niche as the site I was backlinking to, but after awhile it was just too much work and I went with whatever I could find.  What do you guys do?

I also try to place my backlinks on the same niche sites. But sometimes it is not easy.
So if I find something suitable, I go there, otherwise I place my links wherever it's possible.
Anyway, the more inlinks the more trust from search engines.

It depends on what your niche is.  If it's something there is a lot of, say, Xbox, then sure you have no reason not to place backlinks on the same niche sites.  But if it's something that there isn't as much of, say, video collaboration, then you're going to have a lot more trouble.


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