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Never under estimate the power of forums.  They are one of the best ways to promote traffic.  The more time we spend there the more will be the benefits.

In addition you can get some link juice (if links in signature are dofollow :) )

True.  Another great feature about forums is that by participating in them we will derive the satisfaction of helping the community that is growing fast.  This satisfaction is also equally important.  Discussions form the backbone of forums.

Got to agree with the "Do Follow" Forum Signature links.

I have been a member of some forums and gone to Google and checked my backlinks and found over half a from forums with "Do-follow" tags.

The other benefit is you usually post in forums related to your product or website niche, like we are all interested in SEO, so if this is "do-follow" then the backlinks we gain from this forum would be relevant to our site!

Although you never want to join a forum just to spam it up - that is always a no-no!

I've found the best way to promote via active forums is to ask the admin to send a mass email or site news notification type announcement. You get a perm link on the site in the context of a real thread, and it's taken seriously by the existing members.

I disagree that sig links play a major part in SEO. They generally carry little weight, inline links in the main body are far more powerful..


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