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how many backlink we create from one blog?

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Just build some 15 links with High PR. Thats more than enough.

images, unique content, quality video, PPT, infographics.

If your Competitor high ranking on SERP then you would do more backlinks to your Competitor.

There is no limit. But you can build as much as you can. If you research competitor then you might get some good ideas.

You can build thousands of links from one blog but that will make no sense at all. Google may even penalize the website if all of them are Do Follow.

It's much better to increase the amount of referring domains rather than just increase backlinks count.

I would say, It depends on your blog length. If your blog is long enough then you can put 10 to 15 back links.
According to me if your blog length is about 300 to 500 word so you can put 3 to 4 back links easily.


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