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how many backlink we create from one blog?

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My question is very simple. I want to know that how many back-link we create from any of blog. Can we get only one back link from one blog or we can create many back-links from one blog?

Actually, i make some links (sometimes 3-5 links) for one blog post. But, that links is not spammer or bad links.

You can search do follow links to your site. Although make links on your site, don't forget to make natural and unique contents in your article.

Enormous backlinks can be created from one blog. It depends on you how you are performing a task and whether you are using different sites for making backlinks or not with the single blog. If you do so then Google will appreciate it but if you are spamming then Google will delete your links after certain point of time only.

Numerous backlinks from the same blog for the same root domain will be considered as a single backlink by search engines. You can build numerous links but they will be considered as spam by search engines.

i think one from one blog is enough more than one is consider as same value .

please correct me if i am wrong


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