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IS Content More Useful Than Link Building?

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Both are useful ,first of all create unique content and post it on high pr website

Content marketing is, essentially, building links the way Google wants you to. The guidelines issued by Google are simple: links should be created naturally by users, and not by site owners.
Old fashioned link building  is a dangerous game, and Google has a very good track record of catching up with offenders.
Content marketing is a safer, smarter alternative that generates good results without the headaches.
In mane cases, content marketing is a much more cost-effective SEo method than traditional link building.
Unlike traditional link building, which focuses purely on direct marketing, a good content marketing campaign also enhances your brand.

Basically its link building, The process of getting quality Web sites to link to your Web site, in order to improve search engine rankings. The best way of get good backlink maintain high quality content to your website or blog considerably, the first tip is to make sure that a website or a blog has high quality content.

both are equally important, Link building leads you to getting better search engine placements which will help to search engines, you can be trusted for the relevant content.
Link Building -other signals, links, along with content remain the most important external signal for Google's search rankings. But as you'll find, some links are more valuable than others. ... The quality of their opinions is better, so they carry more weight.

Hmm, I don't think this is clear as I don't know the term "useful" here is used in which matter. I mean, both are important in their own way. In terms of getting traffic, we need to have good content to attract more audiences and create frequent visitors. In this backlinks can help people to know the link leading to our ranking site, but without good content, these backlinks won't do any good to keep the audiences interested in our ranking site.
On the other hand, in terms of google ranking, it's literally impossible to rank higher in google search without backlinks, no matter how good our content is.
And so I don't think which one is more important, the question is: which one we need to focus more during a particular time?


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