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Is guest posting only the way to get quality links?

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Is guest posting only the way to get quality links?

No, Forum linking and blog posting are also valid ways to get Do-follow links but not as beneficial as Guest posting. Because the guest posting gives the user value which google considers as a ranking factor.
Guest posting is considered by many a valid way to get links and improve a website's ranking. This is both true and false and it depends on where and how you get links.
The website where you want guest posts must be of high authority and secured and the traffic must be good.

I wouldn't say the only, yeah one of the most important techniques to get quality backlinks. That's why the pricing of guest posting have skyrocketed.
But there are many ways to get backlinks, as mentioned above, forum posting, blog commenting (meaningful), wiki (if you can actually contribute), web 2.0, podcast (very popular these days), link insertion is also interesting techniques. These are some of the popular and organic ones.

No, Guest blogging is not only one that can help us to building links. Guest blogging is a legal strategy to gain links as long as it benefits both the author and the publisher. But there are many strategies to do link building for a website. 

Here are the strategies to do link building:

Participate in social media.
Make use of resource links from reputable websites.
Use the Broken Links Strategy to your advantage.
Develop your own personal brand.
Examine the backlinks of your competitors.
Copy the best links from your competitors.

Guest posting can be a great way to get quality links, but it's not the only way.

There are many other ways to get quality links.

Some of the other ways include:
-Developing relationships with bloggers and other website owners in your industry and then asking them to link to your content or site.
-Creating compelling and valuable content that people will naturally want to link to.
-Paid advertising and outreach campaigns that target high-quality websites and publications.
-Participating in online communities and forums related to your industry, and offering valuable insights and information that others will want to link to.
-Developing marketing or PR campaigns that generate newsworthy stories or press coverage about your business or website.


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