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Link to a site map on all pages in footer: still useful?

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Hello little question of the day,

1. Is it useful for SEO to have a page with all the site's links? (in the case of a site that does not exceed 100 pages)
2. Is having a link in the footer and therefore all the pages to this page a good strategy or just one link to this Site Map is enough?

( I already have an XML file for the sitemap)

thanks in advance


Just for info the page of my sitemap according to my google search console  say :
"Detected, currently not indexed"
I don't know/can't draw any conclusion,)
A hypothesis is that this page was not useful to him, therefore not indexed?

PS : Sorry for my english this is not my native language!

I know sitemap is important to have as it tells google the pages to crawl. But if you add Sitemap in the footer. it will help google too and another search engine to crawl your site efficiently. You can use mini sitemap for your site and place it in the footer here is a link.

Include a sitemap at the footer of every page so that when your users reach the end of the content, they have a highly visible and immediately available navigation tool to enable them to move freely about the website, or at the very least hop to another level within the site hierarchy.

Are you talking about adding an HTML sitemap in the footer?
if yes, you can. It'll help users to navigate easily on your website.  !-!


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