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Title: Some Backlinks are not shown in SEO SpyGlass Backlinks
Post by: MartinL on 01-05-2017, 20:35:23
I am checking Link Penality Risks factor of my website backlinks.
The problem now I face is that over 4000 backlinks list is fetched by SEO SpyGlass but some backlinks are missing. I also have blogs on blogger, wordpress, weebly etc. and none of the link is listed in the SEO SpyGlass list.
I have published dozens of articles in these blogs but SEO SpyGlass didn't catch those links.

May I know that why this problem occurs ? Is their any fault in my blogs ?

I have checked Google cache for all articles in my blogs but still the backlinks from these blogs to my main website are not listed in SEO SPyGLass list.

Waiting to hear from experts.
Title: Re: Some Backlinks are not shown in SEO SpyGlass Backlinks
Post by: wellliving on 01-18-2017, 00:06:09
Please, make sure that you select WebMeUp backlink tool service as your preferred source of backlinks when creating your project. Because this is the main service which provides most of the results for SpyGlass now.
In case this will still provide only 4000 links, this will mean that our crawlers have not found your other backlinks yet, that is why they are not indexed in our database. If you added your backlinks not so long ago it may take some time, up to 2-3 months, before our bots find and index these links. That is why you need to rebuild your project from time to time and as soon as any new links are found, they will be automatically added to your project with every rebuild.