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Title: underground tip to get free high pr guest post on authority websites
Post by: drsajikm on 05-24-2014, 07:14:23
Hello guys, considering the fact that this is a seo forum Iam sure I don't have to explain how important backlinks are. Today getting any backlink won't help you, you need to get the right kind of backlinks. One of the most powerful way to improve your SERPS is by getting contextual links from niche blog posts on authority domains.
Today I will share my personal trick to get 20 pr 2-6 relevent guest post on authority blogs for free. Just getting a link in bio might hurt according to google's matt cutts but getting contextual links on these guest posts will dramaticaly increase your website rankings.o with my method you will get 10 unique guest post with 2 contextual links per post from amazing domains and Iam not talking about any free domains either.
So here it is
All you need to do is just go to and take it's 14 day free trial. Then add your webpage and keywords. Submit 10 unique articles. Make sure that it is unique and also mind that junk content won't be published because all the website in this network are super authorative. rankexperts build some social backlinks to your guest post to get it indexed and in 3 to 4 days you can see a a super boost in your SERPS.
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