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Title: Updated backlinks
Post by: Sogogi110 on 11-22-2016, 20:17:25

I tried some seo software and I have to admit that Seo Power Suite is probably my favorite, thus I am seriously thinking about buying it. Before doing it could you clear some doubts I have?

In Seo Spyglass some of the backlinks of one of my client's website I does not exist anymore.

Could you tell me how should I do to obtain only updated backlinks and at the same time updating the summary page with only uptdated backlinks? (You understand that I want to send to my clients a report with only updated datas).

Thanks for your answer,
Title: Re: Updated backlinks
Post by: Aarohi Patel on 11-23-2016, 23:46:01
If you need to analysis the other site's backlinks without accessing its webmaster then my advice is you can do it by the help of tools but you can't get the whole backlinks.
Title: Re: Updated backlinks
Post by: simran606 on 11-29-2016, 00:20:44
Back connections have dependably been the establishment for SEO. Everything else was essentially a reward. For whatever length of time that you had the right sorts of connections you could rank for any term with any site. At that point Google went along and changed that.
Title: Re: Updated backlinks
Post by: Tieuph0ng93 on 12-08-2016, 22:08:46
A "backlink" is created when an external website links to yours.
Here are the basics you need to cover before you jump into link acquisition:

1. Fix All Technical Errors
2. Develop a Strong Site Architecture
3. Produce VALUABLE Content
FIVE Rules For Creating Indestructible Backlinks
1. Keep It Relevant
2. Let Authority Sites Be Your Friend
3. Focus On Real Websites (With Real Traffic)
4. Distribute Your Anchor Text Intelligently
5. Let Your Backlinks Live in Clean Neighborhoods
Title: Re: Updated backlinks
Post by: LaurentHector on 12-17-2016, 08:14:14
Some strategies to build effective backlinks
Professional Backlinking is a procedure (rather tactic: ah:) to build backlinks including press rented post and insert backlinks to that article, advertising on the website and send textlink directory website.
Social Backlinking methods include direct hit on the object your visitors include using social networks, comment on other blogs, put backlink profile on the web 2.0 or posted on the article in forums.
Informational Backlinking is a form pretty professional backlink building and takes a lot of effort if you want to achieve high quality backlink. This may include some form such as a guest blogger (writing articles for other blogs), building backlinks from link fracture (broken link building) or other methods that you have to create content for navigation your backlinks.
Title: Re: Updated backlinks
Post by: luffy268 on 12-19-2016, 19:09:41
Indeed, the data from Indexes may sometimes be outdated and some links may have already been removed, as well as some links may not be collected as they are not yet indexed.

Therefore we have added the option to check the real-time presence and the current status of any backlink. You should select the backlinks and click to Update Factors, then select the Page Factors alone - the program will scan the backlink pages to check the presence, the status (do/nofollow) and the anchor details of the backlinks in real-time.

The Summary widget only shows the Live links, however, you should select the Preferred Statistical Source for the Summary under 'Preferences=>Project Prefereces'. To display the data from the SEO PowerSuite Backlink Explorer - you should select it as a source, to display the updated data from your project directly - you should set it to Project