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What about Instant Approval Directories


Hi! I would like to ask
Are instant approved directories harmful/spammy OR fine?

In my opinion their spam score usually high, everyone could get link from their easily such as cbd sites, adult sites

What do you guys say?

Yelp is a great place to list your business. I Do income Taxes I focus on marketing to Facebook people that live in the same city that I do 

Technobase Solutions:
Directory submission is not dead, and many kinds of directories are there; they will give instant approval, which is good for our website.

yes they are good but check their spam score through Moz Extention

 Instant Approval Directories are those that approve submitted websites and links in a quick time. Instant approval means that you can get your site instantly fastly. It is beneficial for the new website developed to get better MOZ and domain authority sites, so instant approval directory websites are used while doing the SEO process.


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